Summer and Getting Away from an Abnormal Life

It took a while before my agonizing and sun burnt skin ceased to ache and finally took the chance to jump in front of my computer to write this post. Well, the premise was “how to get away from an abnormal life.” I was not hinting about having physical and hormonal deformities or dysfunctions; I was talking about the not-so-normal crazy-busy working life that most of us were chained and slaved into.

Having a vacation seemed to be so difficult for some people, especially for the ones working in the corporate world. Let me tell you something honey; its summer and the four walls of your office were not the only sceneries that you should tirelessly witness. There was a life outside your sphere and it was really beautiful—friendly faces of strangers waiting for you to smile and engage in an endless conversation, clear blue sky and cottony white clouds waiting for you to look at them, healing waters of rivers and seas waiting for you to touch and feel them, unspoilt islands waiting for you to walk and hike on them.

Getting away from the society induced abnormal life could be easy if you had the will to do it. I was not saying that my methods were right and I was not imposing them as well. They worked on me, so there might be some chances that they were applicable to other individuals as well.

(1) Listen to meditational music and clear your mind. Some people naturally and efficiently function when their minds were well organized and sound. However, not all days were like those calm days. There were days wherein some normal people experience sudden surge of depression, sadness, cathartic release of energy, quick loss of the will to work, irritable feeling branching out exponentially and many more. If these unexplainable things happened to you, it meant only one thing—your mind was not on its usual pattern. You needed to listen to meditational music to relax; let it work on you; succumb to its magic. Music could act as a needle and an invisible string that would patch the fragmented pieces of your brain.

(2) Once you clear the aching unstable mind, clear your schedule. If you would be traveling with a group, help your friends and family members clear their schedule, too.

(3) Book a ticket and a tour package. If not, go randomly and ask the locals; they were more than willing to help an enthusiastic traveler thirsty for adventure.

(4) Enjoy and unplug for a while. Social media worked as drugs to some individuals because they couldn’t run away from it. However, staying away from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts for a while wasn’t a bad idea at all. Divorcing from these accounts for a day or so would let you enjoy the moment. Savor the moments because it was not every day you got to hang out with yourself and nature. Time, when you were outdoors, could slowly melt. The things that would ruin your quality time were text messages and emails about work, calls from friends who intentionally try to get updates from your travel, and many more. Ignore them and give yourself the attention it needed for a long time now.

(5) Don’t steal anything from nature; be a responsible traveler. Nature welcomed you with her open arms, so you must not violate her by taking away a part of her, even if it was just sand or a stone. Take photos, but don’t take anything from the locations you visited. If you stole something, say a stone or a starfish, categorically you relegated yourself to a thief. If you hated corrupt officials stealing public funds, you shouldn’t emulate them by innocently slipping a piece of something from nature that does not belong to you. Imagine there were thousands of people like you doing the same thing. What would be left of nature? You got the analogy right?

(6) Support local vendors. If there were people whom you needed to help while traveling, those were the local vendors. These people’s faces were usually of innocent children, sun burnt, trying to sell their locally made products. If you had the cash, don’t be greedy; sharing a portion of your hard earned money would not hurt your wallet. Please remember that they were selling goods to fend for their families; they were not stealing; they were earning a living, honestly. At the end of the day, you would be satisfied looking at those souvenirs you bought, not that you needed those things but you just tried to help someone get through a day of his or her difficult life. You were not just a traveler; you were a citizen of deep social responsibility, too.

(7) Mingle with other travelers and tourists. Build connections as much as you can.

If you had been to beautiful and relaxing places, use them as your healing or calming schema. The next time you face issues and you needed a place to retreat, it would be easier for you to open a drawer in your head where those memories were stored. Transport your consciousness there and you’d see a healing effect. Get a vacation while you could; it would not happen if you won’t push yourself.

You had been working for a long time now. Your body and brain did not deserve to be used and overused as if they were unlimited working machines. They needed a buffer; they needed a breather; they needed a vacation, so have mercy.

Don’t let this summer pass away with regrets. Remember, rainy days could be too long, extended, so you needed many warm memories to fuel your cold heart before the next summer arrives.





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